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Batmole to the Rescue

Battling the calculating evil genius of his arch-nemesis, the Weasel, Batmole is the one true masked crusader of the underground. By day, he’s just a simple walnut mogul, with enough horded nuts to supply his vigilante habit. By night, he’s Batmole, the Dark Rodent! Link [via]

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Taxidermy Rodent Accessories Might Give You the Plague

I’m not sure how comfortable you would be using a hair comb adorned with a taxidermy guinea pig. On one hand, these taxidermy rodent accessories are unique, not as dirty as living rodents and won’t leave a trail of rice sized turds. And on the other hand, it’s a fucking dead rodent. And these particular rodents aren’t even cute compared ...

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Oh Snap!: Cutting the Cheese from the Comfort of a Mouse Trap

Mouse traps are surely not the most pleasant surface to eat on. I could think of at least 1,000 places I’d rather eat (please don’t push me, I will list them all) than on the future death bed of a rodent. Oddly enough, this ingeniously designed “mouse trap” is actually a cheese cutter in disguise. It’s tempting, not because of ...

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Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

I can’t think of a better way to rid yourself of a rodent problem than the Victor Multi-Kill mouse trap. This thing will zap the life out of a mouse with a high-voltage electric shock and guarantees the little bugger will be standing in front of the pearly gates of Miceopolis in less than five seconds. The creators claim it ...

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USB Hamster Wheel for the dieting rodent

Do you have a plump hamster? It’s time to get its fat ass out of the cage and onto the USB Hamster Wheel. The Wheel spins faster and faster depending on the speed you are typing. We don’t think it was made to be used with a real hamster, as it includes a fake stuffed rodent, but it can surely ...

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