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Thomas the Transforming Tank Engine

This Transformer mash-up toy is built using discarded Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Composed of Thomas and some of his best train friends, Thomas the Transformer is a locomotive Frankenstein monster. Included on this Transformer are Thomas himself, his green friend Percy and the red engine James. This excellent toy sold on the Singapore eBay site for only S$10. Do ...

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Robots In Disguise… Gone Horribly Awry

Some Transformers are better at disguising themselves than others. Some like to add a little sophistication to their disguise. And a few just don’t understand the concept of deception. This Robots In Bad Disguises t-shirt shows what happens when a Transformer is under-educated in the art of deception. Master of disguise, he is not. Though I am digging the facial ...

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Robots in Disguise T-Shirt: What to Wear When Seeing New Transformers Movie

Word on the street is that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had a HUGE opening day. Like, “second-biggest opening ever” huge. If you’re one of the moviegoers heading out to see Transformers in the coming days, you’re going to need a new outfit to fit in with the rabid fanboys. This Robots in Disguise t-shirt is equally geeky, funny and ...

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Optimus Prime Alarm Clock With Projector

In my younger and more vulnerable years, I owned many action figures from the hit TV show Transformers. Of course, in those years we didn’t have access to bitchin’ projector clocks with Optimus Prime’s head mounted for show such as this one. This decapitated Optimus Prime voices your favorite phrases from the show, like “Autobots transform and roll out.” You’ll ...

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