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File Under Menial Tasks: Gas Pumping Robot

While there seems to be plenty of Pedro’s Bill’s and Achmed’s Jim’s to pump my gas for me while I clean off the face of my Rolex (here in Jersey we still don’t have self-serve, huzzah for laziness), someone seems to think that a robot could complete the task much better than a minority upstanding citizen. Costing a tremendous $110,000, ...

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Robot arm controled by monkey…Monkey promptly announces presidential run

[ev type=”youtube” data=”TK1WBA9Xl3c”][/ev] This video is pretty incredible. These scientist have trained monkeys to control a robotic arm using only their brain, with the help of an implanted brain chip. The video discusses the relationship between monkey experimentation and the thought of one day using similar chips on paralyzed humans. Look at that poor monkey shoved into that plastic box ...

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