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Omnibot2007 i-Sobot: World’s smallest humanoid walking robot affordable, pocketable and available

Robots are relatively unpopular objects to crave for, they’re too huge, too expensive and you wouldn’t know what-the-heck-is-going-on in the industry most of the time. Takara-TOMY’s new Omnibot2007 i-Sobot is the world’s smallest humanoid (2 legs) walking robot, and the best part is its price: $312, comparing to robots of its same class that usually cost $1000 at least. The ...

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Romi the robot, one step closer to being like the Jetsons

Whenever you were a kid and watched the Jetsons on cartoon network, you always wanted to have a robot that did all of the housework like they did. Well now your magical dream is one step closer with Romi, the cleaning robot. This new bot was developed by ETRI in Korea and will be presented at CES, just a few ...

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The Model 914 PC-BOT: a PC on wheels

If youre a PC hobbyist and are willing to dish out a measly 5 grand, then maybe you should look into the Model 914 PC-BOT. This PC-robot is basically a PC on wheels that can interact with the physical world; something that some people wish their laptops would do. Once you pull the 914 PC-BOT out of the box and ...

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Do robots have rights? Studies show they might in the future

If animals and children having “rights” seems ridiculous (damn kids and their demands of food and shelter), the future might hold a whole new concept of Artificial Intelligence and the rights of a robot. With self learning and improving robots just over the horizon, what implications can we expect from a robots needs? If robots were ever developed to the ...

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