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Lamborghini Unveils Sexy Images and Details of LP 650-4 Roadster

The limited edition LP 650-4 (and really, what sort of Lambo isn’t “limited” to only the highest tax bracket anyway?) isn’t fucking around. Lamborghini released a bunch of new photos and details about the new Roadster and it’s looking pretty damn drool-worth. The LP 650-4 will feature a Grigio Telesto exterior, combining gray with bright orange for an interesting color ...

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Crash Goes The Tesla

Can you think of anything worse than crashing your car at 100 MPH? I can. How about crashing your rare Tesla Roaster? A Tesla dealer and a potential customer were apparently doing 100 MPH during a test drive when they hit….something. The end result is what you see and as horrible as it looks, both men survived the crash. They’re ...

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