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Gigantic Water Play Slide: Inflatable Mobile Fun

In the spirit of really large and cool shit for the summer, check out this Gigantic Water Play Slide from “ridiculously expensive stuff” extraordinaire Hammacher Schlemmer. Part 16-foot water slide, part water fort, the Gigantic Water Play Slide includes a bouncy center play gym and a mountain climbing-like stair experience. All for the (super-cheap, OMG) price of (only?!) $9,000. Chump ...

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Floating Iceberg Climbing Wall

Next time you take a trip up to your lake house, you’ll most likely spend the first few days there waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive with your lovely new Iceberg climbing wall. Sure you just dropped $5400 on a 20-foot high climbing wall that floats in a lake, but think of the fun you’ll have when you and ...

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Guitar Boat Is Rockin’ Until It Capsizes

A guitar boat sounds great on paper. It’s a chick magnet. It plays tunes. It can get you down the Yangtze river. Well, maybe not the owner of this boat, Australian singer Josh Pyke. He’d find it difficult once the locals catch up to him with their boats shaped like boats and capsize his ass, sending him down stream quicker ...

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The River Gym Makes My Bowels Move

“Staten Island? No problem! Brooklyn? Great! Come the fuck over and exercise before we sink!” This is the dialogue I would imagine would appear on TV to advertise the River Gym. What’s the River Gym? Oh, allow me to explain. See, it’s a floating boat-type deal with a gym built into it. People work out and not only do they ...

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