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Twitter Doorbell Hack

Twitter users take note: you can now tweet to ring a doorbell. While I’m not a Twitter user or fan of the service, I can appreciate how useful of a hack this is for people who can’t knock because their hands are full or something of the sort. The project is built around an Arduino, which is another why it’s ...

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Ring Ring Ring – Beer Bottle Phone

Hamburger phones, sandwich phones, pig phones, are all edible, or at least look edible.? Breaking the edible theme of telecommunication comes the Beer Bottle phone. Both drinkable and breakable (to an extent) it even has a last number redial button just in case you want to call back your girlfriend who was done talking to you the moment she hung ...

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“Burn” Your Anniversary Into Your Mind For Ultra-Memory

As many ways as technology has provided us to remember our anniversary, and as much as our lady friends might drop hints, we men always have a way to let the date slip our minds. Another stylish method could never hurt, especially one that goes to extreme measures such as the Hot Spot “Remember” Ring. Described as “being hot enough ...

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TAD Custom Ring For Fingering Touchscreens More Effectively

The touchscreen community has been pretty unsympathetic to the fat fingered crowd. For people with sausage sized digits, pressing one key on a touchscreen keypad is usually accompanied with the pressing of a second button and the escape of a fucking expletive from their lips. The TAD Custom Finger Mod slides a ring on your finger with an attached screen ...

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Turntable Ring Has Real Vinyl

Just because you’re not a DJ or “MC” doesn’t mean vinyl isn’t your musical preference. The Turntable Ring offers a choice of real vinyl or silver for the mini-record, plus a moving stylus needle and base decked out in silver. Each Turntable Ring is handmade so pretty much custom crafted to your pleasure. Each ring will cost you around $300, ...

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Testing out ringtones that calm crying babies

The Japan Acoustic Laboratory is famous for their soft science research, those guys have recently started selling ringtones online that they claimed can calm crying babies. Nikkei has decided to spend a few bucks and try that out on 2 babies. First they downloaded the tone on to their mobile, then they sent it to the alarm clock by muPass. ...

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