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Rim Clock

Maybe I have issues but I get really excited over beautifully-designed clocks. Maybe it’s the fact that time is so precious, it must be treated with great artistic respect. Maybe I just took too much X in my teens. Who knows. One thing is for sure: The Rim Clock from Jansen Lye will look beautiful in any room. The pointed ...

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RIM Debuts Flipberry

Cellphone power users love their Blackberry. I miss mine but alas, it took a spill a few years ago and never recovered. Maybe I should upgrade and get the just-released Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone. Is it just a Blackberry Pearl that folds in half? Ehhh, you could say that – if you’re a communist.

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Blackberry Earrings

For the fashionista who just doesn’t have time to get jammed full of cock, here’s a pair of Blackberry earrings for you. Classier than a pair of zippers, these will symbolize your commitment to your device and undying love for it. The next time you’re popping a squat on the toilet with these on and your Blackberry device in your ...

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New BlackBerry 8800 is full-sized Pearl

The BlackBerry Pearl sure was pretty, wasn’t it? Now the newly revealed BlackBerry 8800 from RIM takes that special design centerpiece (the scrolling ball) and puts it into a full size BlackBerry. The 8800 has a full keyboard with one button per letter, which is the way it should be. Sorry, no camera. RIM is probably sick of the random ...

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