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Entire Original Star Wars Trilogy GIF’ed

OMG OMG OMG OMG! OK, sorry, I can control myself. We’re all adults here. And if not, WHERE are your parents? Don’t you know this site has very naughty language? Anyway, someone went through the trouble of creating animated GIF images of all three of the original Star Wars films. I’m forever in their debt. Hit the jump to see ...

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This Is Why Backyards Were Invented

None of this modern “safety-first” crap. Just your kids, fifteen feet in the air, supported by a few sketchy looking stilts. Anything in the name of Star Wars. And with a “4-sound electronic console” how could you possibly go wrong? Link

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DO WANT!: Ewok Plushy

My favorite little fluff balls from Return of the Jedi get the plushy treatment thanks to Craftster user gammerus’s immortalization of the Ewok. I don’t only want one of these… I need one. Sure, the proportions aren’t 100% accurate and they probably don’t have that same fresh Ewok smell, but it’s about as close as you’ll get without delving into ...

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Return of the Jedi Sarlacc Scene Recreated with Action Figures

The Sarlacc’s Great Pit of Carkoon looks like it was recreated using an educational female anatomy model, but other than that this recreated scene from the Return of the Jedi looks just about right. I’d love to see the entire movie series recreated this way. That would just make my year. Link

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Donkey Kong Meets Star Wars

The majesty of Donkey Kong meets the awesomesauce of Return of the Jedi on this awesome Threadless potential tee. Currently stuck in the voting process, this mash-up t-shirt seems like a shoe-in for me, but you never know with those fickle Threadless voters. You know what to do fellow GEARheads. I want this shirt. Make it happen. Vote, vote, vote! ...

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