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Skiing the Slopes as You Drop The Browns Off at the Ole Swimming Hole

Talk about being scared shitless. Coca-Cola has gone all hardcore with the marketing of their new Georgia Max Coffee brand, redesigning a number of toilets at some of the most popular ski resorts in Japan. And really, where else could something this absurdly awesome exist? The fully wrapped bathroom walls simulate the experience of a skier on all sides of ...

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Mosley Tribes Resort/Spring ’09 Shades

Here in New York, it’s currently fashion week. What is it? It’s essentially a week where everyone goes batshit for new looks and afterparties. If only Mosley Tribes’ Spring 2009 lineup of sunglasses were available, I’d be able to get laid with Kirsten Dunst or an equally trashy blonde. That’s right. Slap on a pair of the Wayfarer-style glasses and ...

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Vegas Launches Microsoft Surface Tables

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Surface, it’s an iPhone-like touch interface for tables. You can play games, read menus and order food and beverages by interacting with a table. It’s been in prototype mode for awhile now but finally, Microsoft has launched Surface-enabled tables in Las Vegas. Harrah’s is offering the sleek new tables at the ...

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