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Monopoly: Resident Evil Edition Mixes Zombies with Real Estate

While I’m certainly not creative enough to have ever even thought of merging the two, thanks to Nick ?Neptune? Endean, the worlds of Monopoly and Resident Evil come together to create a gaming-themed board game beyond the likes of which we’ve ever seen. Everything from the real estate to the community chest and chance cards are specifically themed to emulate ...

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Resident Evil 4 Released For iPhone (and Here to Stay This Time)

So, here’s the story. Resident Evil 4 was briefly released in the Japanese Apple App Store a while back, but was pulled pretty quickly after. As it turns out, the zombie slaying game has now been released back into the wild of the App Store, and this time, its for good. You can grab Resident Evil 4 for $7.99 from ...

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Resident Evil Comic-Con Shirt Gives You A Taste For Brains

Don’t let outward appearances misguide you. This simple Capcom Resident Evil shirt from Comic-Con might seem like a harmless plug for a video game, but flip the shirt over your face, half Cornholio-style, and� you might be mistaken as a zombie on the prowl. Brains aren’t for everyone, but somebody’s gotta do it. It’s the circle of undead. Link

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Resident Evil Hits PSN

“Barry! Where’s Barry?!?!” If you recognize that quote, you, the master of all things lockpicking, is a big Resident Evil fan. As with most video game series, the original is always the best. So if you lost your old PSX copy of Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, have no fear. Capcom will be releasing the Director’s Cut version of the game ...

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Resident Evil Apparel Hits The Auction Block

Consider yourself a true Resident Evil fan? Did you change your name to Albert Wesker? If you consider yourself the “master of all lockpicking,” then break out that credit card and get ready to drain your bank account. Some dude on eBay is selling a bunch of official Biohazard/Resident Evil apparel and it won’t come cheap. You’ll find vests from ...

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Umbrella Umbrella

Have you played any of the games in the Resident Evil series? No? Then skip to another post. For the rest of us, ThinkGeek is offering up an umbrella that would make Leon shit his pants with fear any day of the week. It’s a sturdy red and white umbrella that resembles the logo of the Umbrella Corporation. You know, ...

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