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Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot: The gift for boat enthusiasts

There havent been many posts, if any, on boat-related topics, so here is something for you techies who love boats but miss all of your gadgets. The Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot is a remote that allows you to control the boat without having to sit behind the steering wheel. With the remote you can steer left or right, speed ...

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Take control with Harman Kardon’s TC30 Remote

You know it happens to everyone; you cant seem to find the right remote when you need it, or better yet, you have 6 remotes but have no idea which one you use for the stereo and which one you use for the DVD player. This is where the Harman Kardon TC30 comes in: it condenses all of your remotes ...

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