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Monopoly Package Redesign

Rich Uncle Pennybags is very pleased with this new Monopoly set designed by Andy Mangold. Look at the packaging, the card holders, the lines of hotels and such; it’s quite the work of art. I love the rustic look the box gives off of a traditional board game. You know, the kind before mass-produced plastic, etc. The final package is ...

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World Trade Center Transportation Hub Is As Elaborate As It Gets

Look out Grand Central Station, there’s a new transportation hub in town. The World Trade Center’s transportation hub is, after numerous redesigns, scheduled to be completed in 2012. The designer, Santiago Calatrava, must have some fascination with evangelical churches because this glass and steel structure is turning out to look like something Reverend Robert Schuller designed. Besides that, it’s a ...

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What Happened At Today’s Apple Event

In case you haven’t heard, Apple had a little event over in California today. All new updates to the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Highlights: New glass trackpads with multi-touch All new, specially engineered aluminum case design DVI ports become DisplayPort Macbook gets glass screen, aluminum case; Macbook Pro gets same upgrade Dual graphics in MBP – NVidia 9400M ...

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The Palm Treo Pro: It’s Comin’

Coming this fall is Palm’s Treo Pro. It’s also the first Treo to support tri-band HSDPA (faster net speed) for 3G access on AT&T and additional carriers. The American launch will start out with an unlocked, carrier-independent version at $549 that’ll feature a sleeker design than previous Treos as well as a touchscreen and a button to quickly switch its ...

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Reimagined NES Console Reinvents The Retro Flair

The NES console was a major turning point in the history of gaming. It probably doesn’t get enough credit for the influence it had on the gaming world and how it was the bridge between Atari and modern-day video gaming. Javier Segovia is a digital industrial designer who just so happens to believe it’s time for the old Nintendo Entertainment ...

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