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Princeton i-Bird falls in with the rest of the flock

Now that Macworld is over and done with, you’d think that the iPod accessory market would slow down. All the vendors released last week, right? Guess not, because Princeton Corp. has just released its i-Bird iPod dock. The i-Bird has an iPod dock, AM/FM radio, and an integrated alarm clock. As for its sound output, it has two 3W speakers ...

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Take Pures new Move with you wherever you go

Pures new Move is a palm-sized DAB digital and FM radio that is only 15cm x 8.5cm x 2.7cm. This baby will last a long time 40 hours before you are required to recharge it, and then once it needs recharging, you can use the built-in ChargePAK battery pack. Now that right there is a nice little invention; ...

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New pedometer pulls out all stops

This new pedometer from Maplin Electronics is coming out at the perfect time of year for all of you who vow to start exercising this year. The pedometer not only acts as a pedometer, but also as a panic alarm and an FM radio. First off, the FM radio is a nice little add-on to the pedometer, so you dont ...

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Fly with Superman AM/FM Clock Radio

Ever since you were a little kid youve wanted to be like superman, running around in tights and having your own symbol for everyone to know you by; dont deny it. Well now you can fulfill your dream (at least part of it) of being like Superman with the Superman Projection AM/FM Clock Radio; no, this does not give you ...

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