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Hot Radiator Tells It How It Is

Hello, I’m a radiator and I’m hot, not cold. I’m more on the scalding side than the freezing side. Not chilly, but quite warm. In fact, why don’t you just read me. The Hot Radiator tells you exactly the dealio with its lettered design. It would seem that the letters also turn red when the radiator is on, for extra ...

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Pipe Dream 3D!? You Wish!

A French designer named Vivien Muller has come up with a strange new take on a traditional heating system. Dubbed the “Octocube”, this 14″ cube is comprised solely of 90-degree copper tubing with elbows that serve as a radiator for large surface areas. It’s also said to fit anywhere without looking tacky. What makes this particular radiator unique is the ...

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Mirrored Radiator has a built-in Digital Clock

The chill of winter might be slowly leaving its icy grip behind, but it’s never too early to start preparing for next winter. And what else would a geek use other than a radiator with a clock in it? This Tubor Mirrored Radiator is the complete definition of geek-chic. Its mirrored surface contains a back lit panel which creates a ...

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