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First Ever Video Game Census Concludes Games Are Racist, Sexist

A team of researches conducted the first ever video game census, analyzing the characters of 150 of the top selling video games. The results were totally unsurprising if you’re an avid gamer. 89.5% of the characters are male, 85% are white. The most under-represented demographic was Hispanics, appearing in 2.7% of the games, only a fraction of their actual world ...

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To Microsoft, You’re Either Hispanic Or Not

Microsoft has exhibited the great American trait of racism with its latest consumer survey which claims that Hispanic people are “more concerned than the general population” with home entertainment products this holiday season. Clearly differentiating between Hispanics and the general population, Microsoft’s latest survey’s numbers claim that 89 percent of Hispanics versus 64 percent of the general population want a ...

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