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R2-D2 Hoodie Turns Droid Dreams Into Droid Realities

Which Star Wars character, with the exception of Chewbacca of course, could be referred to as adorable. Ewoks? Okay, fine. Star Wars might have its own wide variety of cuteness, but I think R2-D2 fits the bill pretty well too. Something about his dogged persistence and sensitive vulnerability really struck a chord with my heart strings. Which is why this ...

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R2-D2 Stuffed with Eight Gaming Consoles

Star Wars fan and tangled wire advocate Brian De Vitis managed to have one of the greatest brainstorm ideas ever. Why not take every console I own (all eight of them) and stuff them all into that R2-D2 replica I’ve had sitting around the house. Well, EVERYONE has the supplies needed for this project. No excuses. Grab your droid and ...

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Star Wars Cuddle Toys Encourage Your Kids To Be Fanboys Early On

Cuddly isn’t exactly a word I would usually use to describe Darth Vader. Sure, he had strong arms and broad shoulders, but that’s beyond the point. He’s just not the cuddling type. Now Chewy on the other hand. He could be my cuddle partner any night. That’s right, I like my Wookies just like I prefer my women; rough and ...

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WTF Taxidermy: A Community Dedicated to Bizarre Taxidermy

Some taxidermists can really go over the top with their mounted pieces. And a few, I believe are certifiably insane. “WTF Taxidermy” is a LiveJournal community dedicated to the most bizarre of bizarre taxidermy. Included are such classics as the Flying Jackalope, the R2-D2 Rats and really, just a whole crap load of oddities. The best part is that most ...

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Star Wars C-3PO Papercraft: The Droid You Were Looking For?

Being crafty is often mislabeled as a purely feminine characteristic. If that’s the case, you might as well dress me up in my best Sunday dress and strap a pair of heels on my feet because I love me some papercraft action. Your favorite neurotic droid has just landed on your project table with this intricate papercraft kit, allowing you ...

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R2-D2 Projector Turned Server Monitor

Too negligent to monitor a server system? Well, if you’re a huge Star Wars geek like these Japanese fellows, then you can build your own R2-D2 server monitor out of a $3,000 dollar R2-D2 projector.� The R2-D2 alerts workers whenever a server goes offline and can even project server status on a wall or ceiling. Sooner or later, someone will ...

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