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The PS3 Slim Laptop, Take Two

Ben Heck is at it again with is newest creation, the Ps3 Slim Laptop, his second attempt at creating the perfect mobile PS3 Slim. This time around Heck decks the laptop out with blue accents, a 17? widescreen 720p HDMI display, a built-in cable storage department and built-in stereo speakers & headphone jack. Heck also added more air holes then ...

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PS3 Slim Dipped in Solid Gold

King Midas might have missed his true calling. Transforming gaming consoles into golden pieces of luxurious entertainment. Computer-Choppers offers a sneak peek at their PS3 Slim dipped in 24-karat gold. Only five of these golden geese will be produced, so the price is sure to be even more extravagant than just a “normal” golden PS3. Link [via]

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PS3 Slim Gets Smooshed Into A Laptop

The PS3 Slim was already beginning to feel a little chubby. Time takes a a toll on the body. Thankfully, we have Ben Heck to make everything more portable. His new PS3 Slim Laptop takes the improved hardware of the Slim and makes it even more mobile with his notebook-inspired mod.

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K-Mart Leaks PS3 Price Reduction and New PS3 Slim

I’m not quite sure if this is intentional or one of the most bonehead moments in gaming release history, but either way K-Mart has mysteriously let slip some critical information about Sony’s future console releases and plans. Displayed on the K-Mart front page was an ad for a “new low price” and a “new exciting” PS3. Soon after the discovery ...

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