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Rejoice! TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions Make A Comeback

A few years ago, the phrase DVR meant TiVo. If you were recording TV shows, you were TiVoing. Times changed, TiVo panicked and the company stopped offering lifetime subscriptions. Ever since then, TiVo’s charisma has been flawed and the company has been offering extras to subscribers to placate them year after year. Thankfully, the company has realized the error of ...

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C Jump: Brainwash Your Kids Into Being Programmers

If you want your children to grow up to be big and strong nerds just like you, you’ve got to start teaching them young. And let’s face it, 11 year olds aren’t going to sit there and listen to you read from a C++ book. That’s where C Jump comes in for the win. Made for children 11 and up, ...

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