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T-Mobile Got The Shit Hacked Out Of It

T-Mobile is confirming today that a hacker (or group of hackers) broke into its systems and pretty much stole every last goddamned file that wasn’t nailed down to the theoretical floor. The hackers themselves posted a message to SecLists.org detailing what they had done and the damage is absolutely brutal. Like Checkpoint Tmobile has been owned for some time. We ...

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Mozilla Knows What We Need For Firefox 3.1

Finally, Mozilla is coming in to its own with a browser feature that is perfect for porn. For Firefox 3.1, the team at Mozilla have included a feature called “private browsing.” Upon exiting the browser, any trace of past sites you visited located in the browser?s history, cookies or temporary files are erased. That means: no dirty clues as to ...

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Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper Puts You In Your Own Little World

Distractions are everywhere. While there have been many attempts at providing us with our own personal space, many fall short, looking totally unpractical. The Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper is exactly one of those sort of creations. Mixing the ingenuity of the Glovers and the Office Collar, the Wooly Jumper attempts to create your own personal laptop force-field, at the expense of ...

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