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L.A. Prison Using Experimental ‘Pain Ray’ to Keep Inmates on Their Best Behavior

Prison inmates aren’t necessarily known for their stellar behavioral records. And California’s Pitchess Detention Center, where there had already been a recorded 257 inmate-on-inmate assaults and 19 assaults on deputies over the fist half of this year, thought it was time to start testing different methods to control the prison population. Enter Raytheon’s Assault Intervention Device, a seven-and-a-half-foot-tall device designed ...

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Vertical Prison: Height Becomes the Wall

As long as no one manages to smuggle in a parachute, this actually seems like a decent idea. We’ve heard of prisons being held on islands, a la Alcatraz, but never did we think that keeping prisoners high would be the answer. It sure would produce some interesting blog posts though. Oh, wait, you mean high as in height? Of ...

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Dear Diary, Today I Dropped The Soap: Blogging from Prison with P:log

Some prisons already have computer centers, but where’s the true grit? Where’s the crucifix-knife shankings and the soap droppings? Where are the horror stories we’ve heard about from our own brains fellow crime breakers? P:log, designed by Yejin Mun, is a self-contained blogging station for inmates, allowing prisoners to share tales from their daily doings with friends and families. P:log ...

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Jail-made Cross Knife: Shank a Punk and Be Saved All In One

A German prisoner had a score to settle, but he realized there was no way to hide a weapon unless he could devise some sort of evil plan. So, with little other option, the German criminal created a hallowed-out wooden cross with an attached shiv. Though the plan seemed fool-proof, the German prisoner must have been a world-class fool. His ...

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How Original!

Awwww! Looks like one of the graffiti babies in NYC got disgruntled and pissed off about the constant police state of the city. Way to be original, man! That Abu Ghraib stencil and cheesy line of text you stole from the MTA are about as original as teabagging a dude in Halo 3. We get it. Abu Ghraib was a ...

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