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Top 5 Photo Scanners Reviewed

Planning on scanning your photo collection? Well, if it’s anywhere over a couple hundred of photographs, then buckle up because your in it for the long run. If you will not be using a professional photo scanning service, then the epicentre of scanning your photographs is your scanner – it may sound obvious but a lot of people forget! As ...

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Eco Friendly Printers to Save the Environment

eco friendly printing

With today’s innovation in technology and office solutions, there are a lot of ways to improve business productivity while saving the environment. With the looming threat of Global Warming, corporate social responsibility is now a priority for all large businesses and the market for eco-friendly office solutions has never been so packed with options. ENERGY STAR, a U.S. Environmental Protection ...

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Product Review- Xerox WorkCentre 6015B Laser Color All-in-One

When it comes to high volume prints for company paperwork or for small printing businesses, a heavy-duty and reliable laser printer is all you need. Xerox WorkCentre 6015B Laser Color All in One is among the newest products designed with a lot of new features that can meet your daily printing needs. We got a review request from Misco.co.uk for this product and we gladly accepted to try our hands on this MFP and test it hard for our visitors.

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To Trash or Not to Trash Your Printer

In this day in age, you can walk into any big-box office store like Staples or Office Depot and pick up a printer for under $75 most of the time. For instance, I was able to procure a Canon all-in-one-style printer last year for $55 on sale. Problem is, after the ink cartridges (which, rumor has it, come only half-filled ...

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