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New Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor will rock your enthusiastic world, possibly faster than animated mouse

Intel announced today their plans for a third Extreme processor, geared towards the enthusiast-user. The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 is Intel’s fastest enthusiast featured processor yet, running with a clock speed of 2.93 GHz. According to the press release by Intel, the QX6800 is focused specifically for gamers, digital designers, and those who strive for maximum computing power. Critics ...

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Guitar Hero goes mobile

Good news, fellow guitar shredders. Hands-On Mobile announced today that they have made an agreement with Activision to bring Guitar Hero to your mobile devices, which really, really rocks. OK, the thought of Guitar Hero wherever we go sounds awesome, but how does Activision/Red Octane plan on producing a mobile version of a game which relies on its awesome peripheral? ...

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Researchers work on developing a computer that runs on light

Researchers from the UK are working on creating a computer that runs off of light, rather than electricity. The research project at the University of Bath is focused around the creation of attosecond technology, which refers to continuous pulsing light that lasts for the extremely short period of time of a billion-billionth second. Researchers are determined to learn how to ...

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CelTrek SIM Card for international roaming

Roaming charges are one of the scariest words you can utter to businessmen and travelers. Global Roaming Inc announced today their launch of an international SIM card that could save travelers up to 50-90% of roaming charges from other companies. The CelTrek SIM card will work in 160 countries over a network of 700 GSM operators. The CelTrek will be ...

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Casio announces 10.1MP Exilim EX-Z1050 digital camera

Casio has announced its’ newest addition to the Exilim family of high pixel point-and-shoot digital cameras with the EX-Z1050. This 10.1MP has a few distinguishing differences between itself and the previous EX-Z1000 model. The first thing you might notice about the Z1050 is the smaller size. It’s a scant .95″ thick, with a width of 3.85″ and a length of ...

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