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Pregnancy Dolls: Great Fun for Pro-Choice, Great Models for Pro-Life

These awesome pregnancy models were designed in 19th century Japan and reappeared in the July 2001 issue of Geijutsu Shincho magazine. The demand for pregnancy toys was must have been overwhelming. Can’t you picture little pro-choice children demanding the chance to perform their own home abortions (Dick Cheney was a child around that time, right?). Fun! Pro-choice kids didn’t get ...

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Uber Ultrasound For Impatient Women

Are you an impatient mother who can’t hold onto her diaphragm without worrying if the fetus in her womb will develop sickle-cell anemia? Well no worries, tubby, because Royal Philips Electronics wants to turn those awkward and impersonal ultrasounds into something “much more playful,” says Frank Rettenbacher, a product designer for Philips. Now, that’s just fucking creepy. Philips researchers were ...

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