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Prank Your Friends with the iArm

Apple accessories have become such an epidemic that at first glance, this product is totally believable, and then you see someone with a plate strapped to their arm and that little part of your brain that makes you scream “FAKE!” in the comment box emits a slight twinge of activity. The iArm is in fact, a prank pack, but not ...

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Cardboard Spill Prank Aims A Dart of Panic At the Office Neatnik

Every office has one. The co-worker that freaks out at the slightest piece of misplaced�paraphernalia. Nobody likes a neatnik except other neatniks. This Cardboard Spill Prank, which you can download and print for free right from the old Internetz, is a cheap, effective, hilarious way to make your office’s token neatnik freak out. Sometimes a good gag is all someone ...

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Self-Adhesive Water Drops

Pranks are always good for a laugh. Plunk down $23 and you’ll score eight of these self-adhesive PVC water droplets. Stick ’em on someone’s car window and they’ll think King Kong was busy taking a piss nearby. Link

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Just The Two Of Us

New York‘s Improv Everywhere is one of the funniest comedy troupes I know of. If you’re not familiar with them, they stage ridiculous events to play pranks on the public. A lot of the jokes involve a large amount of people and their latest is no exception. 15 pairs of twins met up and rode the 6 train together. Each ...

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A really “shocking” Mouse: Early April fools shopping, anyone?

Do you remember the amusement you used to get as a kid from simple things such as putting a whoopee cushion on someone’s chair or other related pranks? Now it’s time for us grown-ups to strike back. Against friends and coworkers of course…not children. That’d be bad. Ahh *cringe*, don’t sue us. The Shocking Mouse is sure to cause your ...

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