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A Power Strip Made for Dunking in Water? Sounds Safe Enough

The Waterproof Power Strip by Water Circuits utilizes a special design and a protective material, which when used in tandem, reduces the electrical flow when doused in water. The power strip can be safely submerged in water for 2 hours and live to tell the tale. Though I have to admit, it’s me living that I’m more concerned about. I ...

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E-Rope Modular Power Strip

Power strips usually come in one shape and size. Not much you can do to make a power strip look sexy. The E-Rope concept turns each socket into a modular cube, which allows for assembly into any shape with any number of strips. E-Rope also helps cut-down on energy consumption. Even when a plug is plugged into the E-Rope socket, ...

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Cost Controller Power Strip For Those Of You Pinching Pennies

Let’s face the facts here: you love saving both money and the environment. Whether you trade in your NV200 for a Toyota Prius or keep the heat at 55 degrees in the dead of winter, you get off on the mere fact that at the end of the month you’ll have saved a grand total of $6.34. Congratulations. Al Gore ...

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