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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day is this weekend! The summer is here! We’ll be on a modified posting schedule from today until Monday. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you can hit the beach/lake/body of water closest to you!

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Facebook Is Very Real

As far as social networking sites go, Facebook’s popularity is unmatched. It’s a good thing it isn’t real life, otherwise I’d be getting poked all the time. The comedy group “Idiots of Ants” portray what it’d be like if people took social networking features and acted them out in person. The video goes into detail showing a satirical Facebook chat ...

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Self-Adhesive Mirror Tiles

This one’s a no brainer. For $10, you can net twenty 4″ x 4″ squares that are one side sticky, one side mirror(y). At 50 cents a pop, that’s not too shabby. Imagine the possibilities with these fuckers too. Throw them on your ceiling above your bed and boom: shitty mirror sex. Or, if you’re lost at sea, just grab ...

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