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Mintpad: The Digital Post-It

The Mintpass Mintpad is a neat concept, had Nintendo not thought of its conception four years ago with the Nintendo DS. What seems like a glorified stand-alone version of the Nintendo DS’s Pictochat is also a portable media player, camera and web browser. With this lil’ tablet, you can send full color notes to any other Mintpad users with its ...

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A Cavalcade of Post-it Notes

Personally, I haven’t seen Eepybird.com’s Diet Coke and Mentos videos but they’re apparently really spectacular. Now, in a move that will equally please, the duo behind the Mentos gags are messing with Post-it notes. How many to be exact? 280,951. All “submitting to gravity” in the truest sense. Watch in awe and enjoy. What a great experiment. I had no ...

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Quickies: MIT’s Post-It Notes On HGH

Seems the brains up in Massachusetts have done it again. MIT has taken an ordinary household object and transformed it into the coolest experimental toy on the planet. Case in point are Quickies, which are essentially Post-It Notes that feed the written information on them back to a computer. The computer then interprets the text or image drawn on the ...

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