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Pixel art made with Rubik Cubes: Geekiest art form ever?

After coming across this art project using Rubik Cubes to create pixel art, we are pretty positive he have found the geekiest art form of all time. The innovations and uses of this classic strategy game never ceases to amaze, and these pixel portraits are no exception. The Space Invader artist is also known for their “urban invasion” of various ...

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I dare you, use the Extendable Hand Held Tripod

Don’t ever get caught using this device unless you are in a situation where the ‘stick-your-arm-out-and-curl-hand’ method can’t possibly work. If anyone ever sees you, just be ready to be the butt of everyone’s joke. You look like a complete geek (not the fun geek, the weird geek) and the pictures can’t be improved that much. The Extendable Hand Held ...

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