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Ladybird USB Hub

Normally, I don’t go crazy for USB hubs but not only does this Ladybird 4-port USB hub look cute, it’s also practical. Each leg of the bug has a USB port, ensuring that you’ll be able to fit all four connections without them bumping into each other. At $12, I’d call it a great small gift for the holidays if ...

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Have Some Chocolate On The House

Here you go. Delicious milk chocolate. Go ahead, take a bite. HA! I got you good! Quit crying about your broken tooth, pussy. Had you not been such a fat slob for chocolate, you would have taken three seconds to confirm that this is the 4 port USB hub you were trying to borrow. Now you’ve gone and bit it, ...

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Tip: tackling worn-out Fast Port connectors on SonyEricsson phones

The SonyEricsson K750 and W800 are one of the most readily seen phones on streets nowadays, they’re pretty good phones really, the Walkman and camera both work reasonably well. The biggest problem with SonyEricsson phones is that the “Fast Port” (for charger/data/headset connection) is not the most well-designed, since you’re attaching everything to same port, it tends to wear out ...

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