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We Really Should Have Known

Officially my favorite Facebook page of the week: Lady Gaga is really Paul from The Wonder Years. I remember a few years ago there was a similar comparison between good ole’ Pauly-boy and Marilyn Manson. So we can only come to one logical conclusion… Lady Gaga is Marilyn Manson. [via]

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Cross Cultural Contamination: Boring Paintings Jazzed Up

Whether it be an awful landscape or a classic in need of a little modern kick, Jon Hansen’s got the solution with his Cross Cultural Contamination project. Hansen picks up terrible Thomas Kinkade rip-offs and other paintings seemingly made for cheap hotel rooms and spices them up with Navy Seals, Street Fighter, Godzilla and other pieces of pop culture. A ...

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How to Be Awesome

A ten-speed, skin-tight neon green shorts, orange socks and sunglasses complete with lanyard. Hark! The ingredients of awesome. And never, under any circumstances, underestimate the importance of a fanny pack. Where else are you going to store your pogs and Pixy Stix? Let me tell you, if I had half of this kid’s awesome growing up, my life would have ...

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80s Cake Does Not Include Hair Metal

The 80s was an orgy for geeky pop-culture enthusiasts, springing up pop phenomenon around every corner. The list just goes on and on. ALF, The Smurfs, video games, ALF. As you can see, I could just keep going all night. This 80s Cake celebrates some of the most iconic and obscure elements of 1980s culture including the Rubik’s Cube, Michael ...

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