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250 Pokemon Redesigned as Ancient Mythological Japanese Creatures

If Pokemon had been first drawn in the days of feudal Japan, those pocket monsters might have looked a bit different. In fact, they likely would have taken on a similar style as the demons which fill ancient Japanese scrolls. This clever Japanese artist redrew the Pokemon, reimagining their design to resemble ancient mythological Japanese creatures. First there was Godzilla, ...

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Nintendo-themed Rubik’s Cube

Not like you haven’t wasted enough hours on Nintendo. This Nintendo Rubik’s Cube features six sides of retro gaming goodness, including the iconic logos from six different classic Nintendo games including Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, Star Fox, Kirby and Metroid. Link [via] (Thanks Eran!)

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Pokemon Watch: Gotta time ’em all!

Legendary child brainwashing machine, Pokemon, has a new way of constantly keeping Poke on fans minds. The Pokemon Watch displays a child like interface for those young at heart, while maintaining that Japanese made cheap look. What Pokeball master would be complete without an accurate Pokemon timepiece? Made with the finest of Japanese plastic and color coordinated in hopes of ...

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