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Yummy Kitchen Connect for food blogging and recipe sharing

Food and recipe blogs have become an underrated force in the blogging world. The Yummy Kitchen Connect, an entry in the Microsoft / IDSA Design Competition, might win the food talk a little extra recognition. We’ve seen some really cool kitchen design in the past, but the Yummy might be the most usable of the bunch for every day life. ...

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Zune update for podcast support coming soon?

If you happen to be the proud owner of a registered Zune (as I am), then you received an odd email in your inbox today. Why was it odd? Because it was so plain. It seemed like it was just a thank you letter from Microsoft for registering your Zune. Titled “Welcome to the Social” it seems like just any ...

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Podcasting and lyrics support for Zune?

It’s probably the strongest argument against the Zune (for geeks): no podcast integration. It seems like such an easy area to build into any new portable audio device, but Microsoft missed the bar with the release of the Zune. But can Microsoft redeem itself? Of cource, the Zune supports firmware updates, an feature that Apple consistently leaves out of its ...

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