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Functioning Pinhole Camera Small Enough to Fit on the Tip of Your Finger

Designed to resemble a lomo camera, this itty-bitty pinhole camera is small enough to fit on the tip of your finger, yet is still capable of taking viewable photos. Upskirt enthusiasts are creaming themselves over this shit. Creator Francesco Capponi uploaded photos of his creation to MAKE’s photo pool on Flickr. Can we get a mini Canon to go along ...

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Hidden Necktie Camera Is Super Tiny

Hidden spy cameras aren’t anything new. You’ve been able to order them out of catalogs and off the ‘net for years now. However, take a look at this necktie. Can you spot the camera? I barely could when I looked at this photo the first time. I’m pretty sure as long as you can manage to keep your tie on ...

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Download A Camera: Yes, Download A Camera

So it might not be digital, and it might not feature all of those cool specs of your favorite super-powered camera, but it is a FREE friggen’ camera. Featuring design patterns by Corbis, you can download your very own pinhole camera from Readymech Cameras. All you have to do is print, assemble, and read up about using a pinhole camera ...

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