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Button Down Pillow

Screw Goodwill! Designer Ximena Orozco has made pillows from old, tasteless clothing previously collecting dust. A great way to turn an ugly wool jacket into an even uglier wool pillow. Trashing clothes is a real waste and no one wants to support the broke and homeless, so this is a great way to not only avoid helping hobos but also ...

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Spray Paint Pillows Show Off Your Artsy Side

I don’t know what it is but there is something in the air that has sprung up a whole new trend of graffiti and tagging. Maybe it’s the nice weather or maybe I’ve just been letting the spray paint vapor from my nightly vandalism spree get to me. Anyhow, these stylish Spray Paint Can Pillows, designed by New York based ...

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Glo Pillow Wakes You Up Peacefully, Possibly Blinds You

Waking up sucks. As much as you don’t want to admit it, every time you hear the alarm clock ring in the morning you cringe. Your body ceases to move and you unhappily stretch your arm out so you can hit the almighty snooze button. Day after day you’ll be subjected to this torture unless you happen to fashion a ...

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DOS Pillow: Falling Asleep At The Terminal

Those of you who run Linux might still experience falling asleep at the monitor with your command terminal running. The steady blinking of the cursor can be hypnotic, but sleeping at the desk is about as ergonomic as sleeping on a pile of stones. Art Lebedev Studio has whipped up an ode to the days of DOS commands with the ...

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