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Obama Penny Bank: Change We Can Count

During Obama’s months of campaigning for the presidency of the United States, he spoke of change. Change we can believe in. I say, the last thing we need is more change. I have way too much spare change as it is. The Obama Bank provides a place to keep all of your spare change. Finally, spare change you can believe ...

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ATM Piggy Bank Won’t Help You Save

Here’s a great idea gone wrong. Take the piggy bank. A staple of American childhood that has taught us how to save for a rainy day. You put money in and don’t take anything out until it’s full. Enter the ATM bank. It’s a fully-operational ATM and will keep a tally of how much money you put in. Need to ...

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Jinsei Ginko: Watch your life on a piggy bank

The Japanese population has one of the highest savings ratios in the world, and this Jinsei Ginko (human life bank) piggy bank helps reinforce that idea to the next generation. The Jinsei Ginko is not like other big banks you have ever seen before. For one thing, it can only take 500 yen coins ($5). Secondly, the more you save, ...

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