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Pepsi Natural: An Alternative For The Rest Of Us

It’s late at night and your World of Warcraft raid just started. You’re tired and know the only way you’re getting those sweet, sweet epics is to gulp caffeine until your stomach hurts. Instead of reaching for the standard fare, like Red Bull, why not give Pepsi a try? I’m not talking about your standard Pepsi here, I’m talking about ...

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How The Pepsi Logo Entered The 21st Century

I love Joel. I really do. He’s a good friend and when he’s drunk, I try to steal Boing Boing’s bank account number. But alas, our good friend Joel has uncovered a 6MB PDF file that supposedly was used to convince the Pepsi execs to change the logo. Surely you’ve seen those new Pepsi cans, right? Regardless, it seems the ...

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Red Bull Cola

Hell must have frozen over because Red Bull is no longer restricted to energy drinks. It’s just released the latest drink in it’s product line, Red Bull Cola. Apparently, it tastes similar to RC Cola and contains no high-fructose corn syrup, a selling point that could prove key in future marketing campaigns. I can’t remember the last time another big ...

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