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Beautiful Garbage: Philly Pimps Their Garbage Trucks With Murals

Philly’s Mural Arts Program partnered up with The Design Center of Philadelphia University to transform 10 city garbage trucks into pieces of movable art. Sadly, the murals do nothing to disguise the trucks awful fucking smell. Just think about this… millions of week old cheese steaks rotting in the sun. But hey, it’s something pretty to look at as you ...

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Illusionary Speed Bumps Make You Crash Into A Parked Car

Reviving WiFi isn’t the only new thing Philadelphia is doing. As part of a city-wide campaign called “Drive CarePhilly,” which is against aggressive driving in Philadelphia, PA-100 junctions have been painted with fake speed humps. These said speed bumps offer an illusionary appearance of a three-dimensional barrier to any oncoming motorist while in fact the road is completely flat. This ...

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