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Scubster: The Pedal-Powered Submarine

It’s no Seabreacher X, but it will have to do. The Scubster, designed by Stephane Rousson, is a pedal-powered submersible vehicle, almost an underwater bicycle, that allows you to dive up to 20 feet underwater using your own two feet. Your pedaling powers two propellers which plunge you deeper and deeper, but not too deep, into the abyss. The Scubster ...

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Pedal-Powered Monorail Saves Energy, Tightens Buttocks

If I didn’t live in a cardboard box I might consider installing some sort of monorail system which could easily transport me around my vast estate. Since I’m such an awesomely eco-friendly guy, my monorail system would be totally pedal-powered. No motor needed. The Shweeb is exactly that. An awkwardly named pedal-powered monorail system which simultaneously saves the Earth and ...

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