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Cyberpunk PC Mod Turns An Office Into a Matrix Jacking-In Device

Russian computer modders are really on a roll recently. The newest PC mod from the Russian mind is this amazing Cyberpunk PC, which looks more like the device used to jack in to the Matrix than just some piece of hardware you use to surf the web. Completely devoid of a case, the Cyberpunk PC opts to expose all of ...

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Old-Timey Microphone PC Case Mod

I always wondered why old-timey radio DJs all talked with the same inflection and same accent, yet no one these days talks the way they did. It was a very specific vocal inflection that was the signature of old-time radio and for the life of me, I could never figure out why they talked like they did. While these days ...

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Where’s The Beef?: Bizarre Cow PC Desktop Case Mod

This disembodied cow (sorry Muslim Hindu readers) has been stuffed with computer parts, making it one of the more bizarre case mods we have ever seen. Included is a mini ITX motherboard, 20GB hard drive, 256MB DIMM RAM, Combo Drive CD R/RW DVD and an integrated 200-watt PW120 power supply. Milk sold separately. Link

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