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7 Parents Who Owned Their Kids

Dad Knows You Fap

Parenting is hard, particularly in an age where the majority of parents just seem to have given up and handed the reigns over to their kids. Today we'd like to celebrate 7 parents who have owned their kids and taken back the parenting power.

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iPhone App Translates Baby’s Cry into English

What are babies known for? Mainly pooping and screaming. That’s just the nature of the early human life. And who can blame them? The only problem is that the screaming is almost impossible to decipher through the human year. To us, it’s all just screaming. But apparently there are at least five different types of cries and the Cry Translator ...

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Ubuntu Script Rocks the Baby to Sleep

I’ve fooled around with most of the major operating systems and Ubuntu is easily the most adaptive. It’s just made for users to fuck around with. So projects like this are possible, if not encouraged. This Ubuntu wizard used a script to make the computer open and close the CD drive over and over again. But for what reason, you ...

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The Nintendo Wii and Bad Parenting Work Well Together

“Son, we’re going to the 7-11 for dinner. Put your shoes on.” “But father! I’ve lost my sneakers whilst playing in the woods this morning!” “You little shit. Those shoes cost me $17 from Walmart. Are you trying to embarrass me?” “No!” “Well I’m hungry as shit. Here. In the mean time, put these Wiimote covers on your feet.” “I’m ...

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