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Super Mario Statues Made of Paper Clips

I found it particularly fitting that today we already 'talked at ya' about the magnificently radical Super Mario Papercraft. How perfectly convenient it is that on this same day I would stumble upon a series of Super Mario statues made out of paper clips.

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iPhone Paper Clip Bookmarks

A few days ago I posted about a set of Playstation controller-themed paper clip bookmarks. The same Etsy artist has, or at least had, an equally awesome iPhone Paper Clip Bookmark set as well. For the moment the clips are listed as “sold out.” Included in the set are the iPhone app icons for messaging, the camera, iPod, weather and ...

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Condom Paperclips

Co-worker a huge dick? Get him back this holiday season at the company’s holiday party. These condoms don’t actually contain a rubber but instead have a bunch of paper clips inside. Loudly announce to your co-workers that you think your co-worker left his set of condoms on his desk, flashing the paper clip set around for all to see. He’ll ...

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