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Conficker Virus Launches, Nothing Happens

Can you say Y2K? Good, ’cause a lot of people must be thinking about that right now. That stupid virus you’ve been reading about, Conficker, was supposed to activate itself today and cause half the Internet to go down. Hell would enter Earth, our first born would die and blogging would become a well-respected profession. Yeah, nothing happened. It’s a ...

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Retrieva Keeps A GPS-Aided Eye On Your Pooch (And You)

Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for no reason. Most pet owners would put their own life and limb at risk to keep their pet safe. The feeling that your dog is lost somewhere in the wild is one of the scariest thoughts a pet owner can experience. Retrieva is a system which keeps tabs on your dog with a ...

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New pedometer pulls out all stops

This new pedometer from Maplin Electronics is coming out at the perfect time of year for all of you who vow to start exercising this year. The pedometer not only acts as a pedometer, but also as a panic alarm and an FM radio. First off, the FM radio is a nice little add-on to the pedometer, so you dont ...

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