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Notepad iPod Cases For The Closet Sleuth

Half iPod case, half notepad and all business sums up this $27 dollar iPod Nano 3G peripheral from Scripta. Whenever I’m in a Vic Mackey kind of mood, I know this case will come in handy. It helps me keep tabs on my informants and trust me, I have a lot of them*. Whether it’s keeping track of incriminating evidence ...

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Knit Touchpad Will Render Clothing More Useful

I’ve always wanted to integrate a touch pad into my clothing and thanks to Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka Plusea), that dream could become a reality. For those not familiar with Plusea, she’s all about wearable computing. Her latest work, the Knit Touchpad, is just like the touchpads we use on our notebooks, except this one is made of fabric. It works ...

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Pixel Art With Perforated Coasters

You’ve got to complete the pixelated feng shui you were going for at your pad. Finally, coasters that’ll match your wallpaper and yard decorations. At first glance, these look no different than a series of coasters linked together for you to rip off accordingly. But, upon closer inspection, they turn out to be so much more than that. Each coaster ...

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Super SideBar Gets You Laid

Bachelors need a bar at their pad. What better way to impress your guests and lady friends than with a Super SideBar? Go to any bar in the city- you don’t choose your drinks, they’re chosen for you. It’s all about choice and personal preference these days and with the SideBar, five of your favorite thirst-depriving drinks can be tucked ...

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Keep Others Away With A Mousetrap Mouse Pad

For those of you that have siblings you want to keep away from your PC, the Mousetrap Mouse Pad is the ideal solution. I mean, it’s just a mouse pad and at the same time looks like so much more. Aside from being a standard mouse pad, probably made of a rubber, it looks like a mouse trap and that ...

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