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80s Cake Does Not Include Hair Metal

The 80s was an orgy for geeky pop-culture enthusiasts, springing up pop phenomenon around every corner. The list just goes on and on. ALF, The Smurfs, video games, ALF. As you can see, I could just keep going all night. This 80s Cake celebrates some of the most iconic and obscure elements of 1980s culture including the Rubik’s Cube, Michael ...

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Pacman is Also Good For Lighting

The very Pacman-esque O! Cap is a eco-friendly bulb cap which provides a calming color and fragrance. The scented silicon O! Cap comes in an assortment of colors and fragrances including: orange with mandarin aroma, green with lemongrass aroma or purple with cherry blossom aroma. The scent is emitted after fake Packy is placed over an eco-friendly bulb. Screw the ...

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Pacman-Shaped Quicksilver Cellphone Concept

Surfing gear company Quicksilver has released some info about their design of a concept phone. While this phone probably isn’t supposed to be used while surfing, the Pacman-like two tone design is pretty cool indeed. Though that display looks pretty worrisome. Only half of the screen shows when the phone is closed, and if you shut the phone too hard ...

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