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Miss Video Game Bares It All

Good golly, check this hottie out. She’s all ready for Halloween and she’s not afraid to show what she’s got under the hood. It’s a purple ghost from Pac-Man. Hey, wait a second – there’s no purple ghosts in Pac-Man! This costume should be a crime. Firstly, you and I both know this girl has no idea what Pac-Man is. ...

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Poufman Seats Bare No Resemblance To Pac-Man

No, really. These seats are just coincidentally named Poufman, they’ve got nothing to do with the classic Namco game, Pac-Man. No relation at all. Hell, these seats aren’t even inspired by Pac-Man one bit. If anything, Pac-Man is inspired by these seats. The designers of Italian company QAYOT were clearly eating a slice of pizza when they spawned the creation ...

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Mrs. Pac Man Wants To Get In Your Pants

If you’re AA sponsor made you get rid of your beer belt, here’s something else to help keep our pants on. An Etsy crafter by the name of HutchMe made these spiffy belt buckles featuring shiny renditions of retro video game icons including Mario, Mrs. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and one of those Space Invaders aliens. They’re the perfect accessory ...

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Pac-Man Mini Plays All The Classic Hits

You’ve got to be tired of dicking around with that stylus on your Nintendo DS. After all, writing or any act like it is tiresome, especially if you’re a gamer who just likes the simplicity of an analog stick, one button and a high score list. Modder Sam Thornley yearned for portable classics like the Atari Flashback, so he made ...

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Roomba Turned Pac-Man

Some Japanese kid used his incredible smarts and made himself a real Pac-Man from a Roomba. 448 LED lights scatter the top surface of the robot, emulating Pac-Man’s movements and chomps. He even included the old-school sound effects too! The vacuum can be controlled via Bluetooth, allowing for an impressive wireless display of gaming. Too bad it probably becomes the ...

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