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The World’s Largest Rubber Ducky

rubber ducky

When I was a kid my rubber ducky was my best friend. There I said it. You happy now? I named it Ducky, because that's what kids do. But Ducky didn't judge me for my lack of creativity. Oh, no. In fact he lauded my efforts. Ducky was an amazing listener. One day, Momma told me that we had to drop Ducky off at farm, with plenty of pastures to run through and a giant bathtub made of ivory.

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Oversized Tongue Dog Toy Channels Gene Simmons

If you’re more into�embarrassing�your dog then offering it the chance at a dignified existence, such as with the Mustache Toy, the Humunga Tongue oversized dog toy is perfect for teaching your dog some humility. A ball toy attached to the super long non-toxic rubber tongue allows for pet owners to point and giggle at their dog as the poor little ...

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I Sort of Wanna Fall Down These Piano Stairs

…just to hear the resulting racket that ensues. These stairs are actually a working oversized piano, sort of like the one from the movie Big, but in stair form. I’d love to see Tom Hanks attempt “Chopsticks” on this baby. Link

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Giant iPod Nano: A Birthday Gift from Jonathan Ive

If your lucky enough to pal around with people like Senior VP of Industrial Design for Apple, Jonathan Ive, than you might be fortunate enough to receive really unique gifts for your birthday. Designer friend of Ive, Paul Smith, received his gigantic iPod Nano from Ive and Ive’s Apple co-worker Jody. In reaction to the gift, Smith said “as the ...

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Discs That Probably Won’t Fit In Your PC

Unless you’re a giant living inside of a fantasy novel, I highly doubt you’ll be able to fit these over-sized discs into your computer. Part of Thomas Mailaender’s “Items” project, these gigantic storage medias are better fit for dealing blunt force trauma than providing any data usage. And the madness doesn’t stop at storage. The project also features a massive ...

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A Pop-Up Book For Your Home

Pop-up books used to make me so excited when I was a kid. Hell, they still do! There’s just something about the magic of pop-up books that captures your imagination. The Space Book is the same sort of imagination grabber, but made for your interior design. Each page of the over-sized Space Book features a fanatical set of furniture and ...

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