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PC Case Mod Turns Your Computer Into a Mini-Oven

If you walked into a friend’s room and saw this sitting under their desk, you’d probably be like “Um, why the hell do you have an oven in your room?” Because it really does look like a fully-functioning oven. But in reality, this is a PC case mod by Czech modder Zbyek, who woke up one morning and decided to ...

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A True Godsend: In-Car Pizza Oven

Holy shit. Do you see what I see? I think so. It looks like a fucking pizza oven that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Amazing. Forget delivery; I can only imagine going 80 down I-95 while popping in a fresh DiGiorno with the works. What will they think of next? $36 and an extra $100 a month on your ...

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Boston Market: LEGO Edition

How does one create such a juicy, delicious masterpiece of brickery? Sure, it doesn’t have 50,000 pieces and may not resemble a George Lucas-inspired spaceship, but hey, if there’s one thing humans love, it’s chicken. Delicious, slow-roasted chicken breast, glazed in honey and PVC plastic. Mmmmm. I wonder how Martin Jaspers, creator of this masterpiece, designed the oven. It’s very ...

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DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

Thank Christ for Instructables. Without the DIY-themed site, I wouldn’t be able to to build a pizza oven in my backyard. That’s right. With a free weekend, underpaid laborers from a Home Depot and a few goombas, you and your “crew” can craft the ultimate earth oven. Bake ziti. Bake Rock N’ Roll pizza. Bake lasagna. Just make sure you ...

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