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Via Lattea Furniture Gives You That Healthy Radioactive Glow

Air-filled furniture isn’t known for its flawless comfort. I’ve spent some pretty hellish nights on air-mattresses. I could only imagine the experience would have been even worse if the mattress itself was glowing like some radioactive mutant. Thankfully the Via Lattea collection by Meritalia doesn’t include a mattress. Instead, this glowing set of furniture exudes a totally chill glow. If ...

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Portable Wooden Stump Set

Fabric is so last year. Why even bother visiting a Jennifer Convertibles if you know the selection is passe. If you’re looking for the cool stuff for hip cats, look no further than this portable stump set. Featuring a portable stump and ottoman, you’re guaranteed to become one with nature when you kick back and relax in a dead tree. ...

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Brass Knuckle Chair Is Weaponry For Giants

One day, we fear that giants will attack us from the mountains. If they are to attack and see us using furniture that they could only use in their fantasies, they are going to be pissed off. On the other hand, if they see a Brass Knuckle Chair, they might just be convinced your out to help their cause, rather ...

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SitBag Takes The Show On The Road

Back in the day when the only way musicians could make a name for themselves was packing a suitcase and hightailing it to California, many entertainers were forced to spending their days sitting on the curb of the streets of Hollywood. If something like the SitBag existed, perhaps it would have saved many sore ass cheeks. Able to work as ...

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