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Oscillator Cufflinks Won’t Get You Laid

Looking stylish with those cufflinks made from electronic oscillators. Yes, those are real 25 MHz oscillators� that’ll keep your sleeves looking nerdy for just $10.� Etsy member digiBling hand-makes all of her electronic-inspired jewelry that’s guaranteed not to get you laid. Maybe you could interface these with your Arduino or something? You could have some sort of crazy Arduino top-hat ...

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Altoids Can Morse Code Oscillator: Go beep yourself

Here’s a pretty cool little DIY idea from some guy on the Hacked Gadgets forum. For whatever reason, he has made a Morse Code Oscillator out of an Altoids can. It’s usefulness is questionable and it’s appearance is interesting, to put it nicely. The maker of the Oscillator says there is still problems he’s working out, such as an over ...

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